Chasing His Bunny

Book 1 of Big Bad Bunnies

Bethany Bunson, her brothers, and her sister have been prisoners for seven long years. They've been experimented on, tested, and changed - all of them can turn into monsters. So when a band of shifter soldiers show up and save them, it's kind of a mixed blessing, especially when the leader of the shifters claims he's her mate. Yeah... she's a 23 year old virgin whose never had a real boyfriend. The whole "one guy forever" thing is just something that she's not ready for, no matter how good he smells. However, Mr. Not-Gonna-Take-No-For-An-Answer doesn't seem like he's going to give up that easily.

When the government hired Steele Raymond and his soldiers to recover stolen research from a compound, they had not been expecting to find prisoners there, and he definitely hadn't been expecting Bethany. The alpha of a motley pack of mixed shifters had given up on ever finding a mate. The kind of independent, strong women he was attracted to always found him too bossy, too alpha, too protective, and preferred to not deal with him at all. Lucky for him, Bethany is exactly the kind of female he's always wanted, and isn't just someone he's dating and hoping to bond with, she's his fated mate. Most shifters give up on ever finding their fated mates, but it's his lucky day... even though she's clearly going to require some convincing. But he's got the biological urge of the mate bond and some serious tenacity on his side. Bethany's going to be his - and he's going to protect her and her family from the evil bastards who have been keeping them prisoner and experimenting on them.

Chasing His Bunny is a full-length novel, approximately 43k words long, with a HEA, and has an alpha male and a seriously sassy female who spend some time heating up the sheets in vivid detail.



"What?"  Bethany barely had time to jerk in surprise before her brothers had created a fortress of flesh between her and Mr. Suddenly-Acquisitive.

"Excuse you?" Brice growled, and she didn't have to see his face to know that he was glaring at the other man.  "What did you just say to my sister?"

Ugh.  It sucked being so much shorter than her brothers.  They were like mountains.

"I said-"

Big, unmovable mountains.  Whose ticklish spots she was well versed with.  The big guys squealed as her fingers stuck into their sides, shocking their audience as they jumped out of her way.  More than one soldier brought their weapon up again, obviously nervous, until Alpha Asshat turned and snarled at them.  The weapons were hurriedly lowered.

"What did you just say to me?" Bethany demanded as she shoved her way past her brothers.  Brady put his hand on her arm, trying to tug her back behind him.  Without even looking, she bent his finger back while simultaneously stomping on his foot.

"Son of a bitch!" He muttered, shaking out his hand.  Beside her, Brock and Brice were shifting into place, making themselves honor guards since it was obvious that she wasn't going to let them be a barrier.  The injured Brady had moved back a step, but Bethany was willing to bet he'd just put himself into position to protect the less combative Bailey.  Totally acceptable.

Mr. Still-Needs-To-Answer-The-Question looked at them with something akin to amusement.  So glad she could provide entertainment.  She glared at him, ignoring how utterly delicious he looked with that tiny little smile on his mobile lips.  

"I said, what did you just say to me?"

That smug smile faded as his eyes moved away from her brothers and back to her.  How flattering.  "You're mine.  You're my mate."

Bethany snorted.  "I most certainly am not."

While she’d been born a human, everyone knew exactly what shifters thought about mates. She didn’t remember much, but she knew that mates were a forever deal.  Yeah, not happening.  She wasn't ready for a mate.  Hell, she wasn't ready for any kind of committed relationship much less one that couldn’t be ended.  She was a needy, lustful, and eager young virgin who had been cooped up in a cage for far too long.  There was no way she was just going to hop into bed with the first guy that wanted to claim her and stay there.  Although, she had no objections to the hopping into bed part.  That was the good part.

"Yes, you are," the man growled, looking even less patient.  He thrust out an arm.  "Smell me."

The scent of man, pine, and something wild, like a cold night’s frost filled her nose.  Her nipples got even harder and her pussy creamed.  She was totally on board with the sexual reaction - if he wanted to play hide the salami she knew a few good hiding spots – but the rest of it?  Nope.  Yummy smells or not, tempting or not, monster inside her insisting “mine” or not, she was going to be a free-wheeling, commitment free (at least for a few years), little sex machine.  That was the sum of her current relationship goals.

"Whoop-de-do," Bethany said in a bored voice.  She’d gotten pretty good at controlling her reactions while she was in captivity; the bland face was the easiest to maintain.  Don’t react so that they don’t know they’re getting to you.  "You smell good.  You can't be the only man on the planet with that particular attribute."

Something beeped and one of the soldiers looked down at a device they were holding and then back up.  "Steele, we need to move."

"Shit.  Fine, let's get going, we'll sort this out later," he said grimly.  His gaze caught Bethany's.  "And we will be sorting this out later.  Now come on."

Stepping forward he reached out to take her arm, and of course, got himself a bloody nose for his trouble.